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Have Something Stuck Between Your Teeth? Here’s What to Do

July 13, 2021

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woman picking something in between her teeth

Have you ever gotten something stuck in between your teeth while eating? You’re certainly not alone – it happens to all of us from time to time! Sometimes, even non-food items can get caught between teeth. However, that’s more likely to happen with children and teenagers as they have a habit of putting pens, pencils, plastic, and other miscellaneous objects in their mouths. If dental floss can’t dislodge these objects, it can be quite distressing. But don’t worry – here are some ways you can safely remove any food or debris that’s stuck in between your teeth.

Remain Calm

First and foremost, you should remain calm when a foreign object gets stuck in between your teeth. It’s not a life-threatening circumstance so there’s truly no need to panic. Keeping your cool is critical to help you think clearly and find a safe, effective solution for this predicament. Otherwise, you might accidentally do something that will damage your teeth and gums.

Don’t Use Random Tools to Remove It

No matter what, you should never resort to pliers, sharp objects, needles, knives, or tweezers to remove the item. It’s extremely dangerous and will only lead to additional mouth injuries. It might be tempting, but all it takes is one slip to cut or injure your gums. You can even do some serious damage to your enamel.

Rinse Your Mouth

Are you bleeding in the area where the object is stuck? Try rinsing your mouth with lukewarm water. It will help soothe the discomfort and wash away the blood, giving you a better view of what’s going on in your mouth. If possible, it may help to have someone else take a look and see where the object is located.

Use Waxed Dental Floss

Using waxed dental floss is one of the best ways to remove foreign objects stuck between teeth. The wax on the string can help lubricate the area and dislodge the item. Make sure you’re gentle and avoid using too much force while flossing. You might have to try this technique several times to remove the item.

Try the Toothpick Trick

Take a wooden toothpick and gently slide it between your teeth where the object is lodged. Push firmly but slowly! If you let it sit there for a few seconds, it will create a small space so you can dislodge the item. Afterward, you can floss again and rinse your mouth with warm water to accelerate the process. Repeat this trick one or two times as needed to get the object out.

Eat Crunchy Food

It might sound counterintuitive, but eating crunchy vegetables can be a great way to remove unwanted debris that’s stuck in your teeth. Chewing gives your mouth a real workout, helping dislodge any leftover food. Carrots, celery, and cucumbers are nutritious foods that can act like a natural, edible toothbrush!

Do you have something stuck in between your teeth? Stay calm and try using these tips to safely remove the object! If the item is causing you severe discomfort, contact your dentist and see them as soon as possible.

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