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Virtual Smile Design – Goode, VA

See Your Smile Before You Even Receive Treatment!

With so many dentists offering cosmetic treatments today, it can be hard enough knowing which one is capable of fulfilling your vision of a perfect yet natural-looking smile. You might feel hesitant to complete treatment, especially if you’re thinking of getting porcelain veneers, which can leave your teeth permanently altered. Perhaps you aren’t sure if it will be worth it in the first place. Thankfully, Dr. Julia and Brandon White offer virtual smile design in Goode, so you don’t have to be left wondering what your future smile will look like following cosmetic enhancements.

What is Virtual Smile Design?

A closeup of a white smile.

When dentists talk about virtual smile design, what we’re really talking about is advanced software which takes your current smile and makes it look exactly the way you’ve always wanted it to. It’s truly meant to give you peace of mind about an upcoming cosmetic treatment that you may have been considering but were too afraid to follow through on it because of underlying concerns about the treatment.

At White Cosmetic & Family Dentistry, we want to do everything we can to set expectations prior to any treatment at our office, not just cosmetic dentistry. With virtual smile design software, there’s no need to guess what your final results will look like.

How Does the Process Work?

A woman working on a computer.

The process for virtual smile design is relatively simple. To start, you come to our office and discuss your smile concerns. From there, we’ll recommend certain treatments we believe will best address any and all imperfections. If you aren’t sure about what the outcome could be, such as for porcelain veneers, cosmetic bonding or another treatment, we’ll take a photo of your current smile and then upload it to the program. Afterwards, our team can apply the changes you can expect from your treatment following completion.

What are the Benefits of Virtual Smile Design?

A woman thinking.

There are many benefits to consider when choosing a dentist that utilizes this technology. For one, it’s a great way to put any doubts you have about your treatment to bed right away. If you aren’t sure how effective a certain treatment can be, being able to view and sit on future results gives many patients the confidence to move forward.

Furthermore, it gives you the opportunity to compare and contrast different treatments, so you can find one that best addresses your needs. Not everyone necessarily needs porcelain veneers over cosmetic bonding or porcelain onlays and inlays, and our virtual smile design software can play a major role in that decision-making.

Additionally, if you’re completing a treatment that you know is going to permanently affect your existing tooth enamel (i.e. porcelain veneers), it helps to have expectations established so you aren’t caught off guard. If you have financial concerns regarding cosmetic treatment, you’ll be happy to learn that getting a simulated version of your smile is much more affordable than the actual procedure!

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